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Changing the world, one child at a time…

Changing the world, one child at a time…

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A thriving environment for your child

Picture a place where your infant is free to explore and enjoy a Montessori environment, learning from each other's movements and reactions. It's a place where your infant is not alone.

The ideal environment for your child

We aim to provide a caring environment for your child just as you would. Consistent open communication between the caregiver and home is a priority for us. As the parent you will be given updates on your child’s progress such as accomplishments, tendencies, and concerns. This is necessary in order to provide secure care for your child and establish trust for you as the parent.

Suited to fit your schedule

The infant environment is focused on fostering basic trust in the child. To convey the message of unconditional love, adult responses to both physical and psychological needs are by being caring and respectful. The child-adult ration is maintained at a maximum of four to one. The program is designed to serve families in which the mother is returning to work on either a full or part-time basis.